Drug Aware Margaret River Pro 2014

We are in waiting period for the DRUG AWARE MARGARET RIVER PRO; check it out late in the day US time to watch live or check the hear analyzer.

Spring Mix in Surf Forecast

Weather and waves are settling into spring mode. Consistency and power will wax and wane a little over the forecast period, but general size, quality, and energy will be similar. There are WNW and SSW ground swells all mixed in with WNW wind swell. Best conditions usually found in the mornings, but this mix of swells makes it easy to find waves along Central California coastline if you care to go out and fin them.

Manresa State Park - Windy

New WNW Along with Spring Mix of Swells

This weekend will have a mix of fading WNW and some small SSW swells providing knee to occasional chest high surf in Santa Cruz. Exposed beaches will see waist to head high surf but conditions will be chunky due to typical spring onshore flow. Trend goes smaller on Sunday and Monday. A new WNW ground swell arrives on Tuesday with waist to over-head surf in Santa Cruz and head to double over-head waves at exposed beaches like Ocean Beach San Francisco. It is spring so small SW swells along with WNW wind swells will mix things up a bit.

Steamer Lane March 2014

Surfing @ Turtle Bay Pools

Surfing the 7S COG @ Turtle Bay Swimming Pools. Very small day, but had a couple of fun ones plus it was uncrowded and glassy. Pulled one 360 of several attempts, cutbacks, mimi-head dips, and a couple of lipers was all the action this day. Good fun on my favorite small wave board.

Stormy Spring Mix in the Surf Forecast

More blustery stormy surf in the surf forecast. Weather acting spring like so winds will be strong and will swing around at times providing some opportunities . Surf in Santa Cruz will be chest to over-head most of the week with up to double over-head on Thursday.

North Coast

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