NW Swells in the Surf Forecast

Current mix of WNW, S, and W swells will continue to provide waves but will be on a declining trend until middle of the week when some new NW energy shows up. Ocean Beach SF and other beaches with NW exposure will see well over head waves Wednesday through Friday, but the angle looks too steep to send much of this energy into Santa Cruz. So town will be lucky to have any waist high waves by the end for the surf forecast period.

Small Wave at the Lane with Monarch Butterfly

Warm Weather and Pumping Waves

Another day of warm weather and pumping waves on tap, with a fresh long period South swell mixing with remains of the last swells will result in occasional overhead waves at the tops spots in Santa Cruz. Larger waves can be found up the coast but there is some patchy fog as of this writing.
The trend goes smaller until Friday when a new long period WNW will provide well over-head surf  in town and double over-head at exposed beaches.

Steamer Lane with Wharf in BG

Autumn Mix of Swells in the Surf Forecast

North Pacific swell generating activity is waking up while Southerly swells are still on the map at the same time. Nice time of year to be in Central California with typically the warmest weather and clean swells arriving along most all coastlines. Short range surf forecast calls for continued knee to waist in Santa Cruz with occasional larger sets at the tops spots through Wednesday. Plenty of waist to head high waves can be found at more exposed beaches of the North Coast and Central Coast for those searching for surf. A new WNW shows Thursday boosting the waves to head high in Santa Cruz and well over head North and South of town. The trend goes smaller into the weekend from there but still fun size moving water can be found.

Pleasure Point  with New WNW Swell

Hurley Pro at Tresles CA

Hurley Pro

It’s On!

Vans US Open of Surfing is On!

Vans US Open of Surfing

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