Feb 052011

All were looking forward to a fun day at the hook, but the wild hook was only 1-2′ at best. So plan B was 26th with 4-6′ closeouts and the occasional medium size wave with shape for multiple maneuvers. Challenging conditions for all and especially for the groms. Had to be be double over head with no channel.  Plus the pressure of family and friends watching. They braved it with NorCal style.
The talent pool was deep and these guys made it look easy. Limits were pushed with some $ on the line that ended in some horrific looking wipe-outs. All good by the end of the day as some moves went down for cash in the glowing offshore winds.

Volcom surf contest at 26th ave

Check some of these photos!

1. Jimmy Herrick – $500
2. Marco Foreman
3. Brad Fox
4. Dylan McCarthy
5. Jeremy Scribner
6. Jason Collins
1. Kent Nishiya – $100
2. Deva Kane
3. Harrison Adler
4. Nate Leal
5. Tyler Mortenson
6. Jackson Newel
1. Cole Walter
2. Wayatt Barabee
3. Adam Bloomer
4. Wilem Banks
5. Xica Hansen
6. Richie Schmidt

1. Wyatt Walter
2. Santiago Hart
3. EJ Bright
4. Olin Borgeson
5. Sam Coffee
6. Savannah Keller
1. Jenna Balester
2. Bo Stanley
3. Carly Wilson
4. Cassidy Wehesner
5. Savannah Shaunessy
6. Cloe Buckley
Electric Volt thrower
Jason “Ratboy” Collins – $100.00

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