Jan 232013

Saturday was an epic day of surf and sun. The entire 3 day weekend was special and had everybody out along the coast enjoying themselves. Saturday January 19th the swells started with a 28 second period and stayed solid at  23-20 second period for 24 hours, that only happens every 5 years or so. The swell size in the data was only forecast to be 2.8 meters (8.4ft), but the frequency was so far apart the entire coast experienced extra powerful very fast moving waves ranging from 6-12 feet.

The Hook Jan 19, 2012

Overlay perfect Santa Cruz indian winter with 70 degree weather and no wind.

Sharks Cove Jan 19, 2012

Great weekend for local hero Pete Mel to win the Mavericks Invitational in perfect 15-20 foot surf on Sunday Jan 19th. Congrats Pete!


38th ave Jan 19, 2013Plus the 49ers on the way to Superbowl; good weekend indeed!


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