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Our mission is to provide a place to tell your stories and connect with like minded enthusiasts!

The creative process connects us all. Starting with imagining, happily craving, and then being in the moment of the act. Enjoy, prepare to do it again, and repeat for a happy lifestyle.

Ride BOARDZ and Prosper

Will Church

Members blogs on BOARDZ.COM are public and are highly search engine optimized. Your posts will quickly rank high on google searches. Part of the power is that posts are easy to find in users feeds as well as any categories and keywords users associated them with. BOARDZ.COM home page is a stream of the most recent posts for a fun place to explore what users feel like sharing.


Q: How to join?

A: Register, reply to registration email, and any then you are a member.

Q: Does it have to be board sports?

A: Nope, just some good fun lifestyle.

Q: Do I have to use my real name?

A: Only if you want to. Be aware that BOARDZ.COM content is public.

BOARDZ.COM was created on June 20, 1996 as an expression of a board sports lifestyle. It was a blog before there were blogs. My lifestyle was connected to the board sports scenes and so BoardZ also turned into a multi-board sport webzine for board riders. Many thanks and heaps of gratitude to all the OG contributors.
Ride BOARDZ and Prosper!
Will Church – Founder

Now it is your turn. Write your history here.


OG Contributors

TR Productions
Tony Roberts
35mm stills, digital video, and Hi8 action photography and cinematography
Specialty: surf and skate
URL: http://www.trproductions.com/

Liquid Imagery
Dave Nelson
35mm stills
Specialty: surfing and skateboarding

Redi Productions
35mm stills, beta, digital, and Hi8mm video
Specialty: ad production, snowboarding, surfing, skateboarding, and wakeboarding

Todd Frietas
35mm stills
Specialty: snowboarding

Patrick Bridgeford
Wakeboarding Images

Ari Evan Gold
Assistant Editor Skateboard

Jesse Britton
Assistant Editor snowboarding
Phone: 530-386-2160

Chris Lane
Assistant Surf Editor

Infinity Sight and Sound
Sean Sullivan
35mm stills
Specialty: snowboarding, skateboarding, scenic, and electronic music

Kevin Roskam
35mm stills, 16mm movie – action photography and cinematography
Specialty: snowboarding and skateboarding

Will Taylor
35mm stills
Specially: snowboarding

Steve Coleta
Assistant editor (surfing and snowboarding)
Phone: 408-722-7111

Steve Price
Assistant editor and cinematography Specialty: snowboarding

Phone and fax: 530-550-0859

True Love
Assistant Editor skateboarding and snowboarding

Web Resume Phone: 530-583-8558

BoardZ Home
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  1. Hey Will! Signed-up and will be back often, very nice site.

    Don’t have your email addy, so drop me a line here:


    You and I gotta sit down and talk surf/tech/houses soon. I’m not hard to find and almost always free to chat so stop by when you are unencumbered.

    See you soon.


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