Dec 112011

Kieren Perrow at the age of 34 slugged his way to the final taking down some big names along the way, but also taking such brutal beatings that he was all duct taped up through the last 2 days of the competition. Kieren was runner up last year when Jeremy Flores snatched the win in the last few minutes of the heat; so this victory was sweet redemption, but there is more. Kiern was on the verge of retirement and this result propelled him into next years 2012 ASP tour. Additionally, this is his first win ever on the world tour after years of grinding it out. He also has a lot of news friends and fans from Hawaii as he helped John John win the Triple Crown by taking out Michel Bourez in the semifinals. He had to get the result and he did; the gladiator persevered.

Red 2 7.00 Joel Parkinson AUS
Blue 1 13.17 Kieren Perrow AUS
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