Sep 162011 Senior editor Will Church ordered up a GoPro Helmet Camera this week. I was lucky enough to do some initial testing with it. Today the surf was close to flat, but I was itching to put this super cool camera to use. I strapped it to my head with the “Miners” mount and did my 17 mile bike loop I do when the surf is flat. I have to say never using one before they are super easy to use, and after an hour strapped to my forehead it was fine. Super light and no annoyance!
Cant wait to bring you some quality Surf, Skate and Snow footage with this little baby soon!

Sep 102011

Hey all,

It has been a amazing life I have been granted. I started out as a grom at insides working my way up to second peak, then first peak and beyond… Kids my age did not surf Sewer Peak, or Pangies for that matter but I just said why not…. I got hassled and experienced many verbal displays, but that is what’s required to gain the respect and get your slot in the line up. After many comments, burns etc. I did earn my place in the line up.
I started competing in the WSA, I can still remember my first contest, Danny Roman’s Mom drove us both over to the Lane for it. Was a great time and did pretty good. I kept up with the WSA for a few years and after winning one of the Team Yeah Now No Cord Classic’s that was stocked with prize money/prizes I went Pro. I had a decent run, but found my niche with doing Aerials. Only a handful of people ever did them at that day and age. I always wondered why not, people do them skating in pool’s, why not surfing? That is when my Surfing Carrier took off. I started working with Chris Kloph, Tony Roberts, Robert Beck, Steve Spalding and other photographers/cinematographer’s. I did score some magazine photo’s that lead up to a lot of traveling and a lot more contest’s. After year’s of this, day in day out it became old, and hard to believe just not really fun anymore.
I took a 15 year Hiatus from Surfing, and was on Snowboard/Powder Patrol.. I moved up to Truckee, Ca. and rode Squaw Valley and Alpine Meadows for quite a few years.. Can still ride the lines at those mountains today with my eyes closed.. With the snowboarding thing out of my system, missing Family and Friends I decided to move back to Santa Cruz.
Reflection ~ I left Santa Cruz not happy with the place I lived. I moved to do something I loved and got my fill. Over the years away grew a new love for Santa Cruz and since moving back am just loving it here! Some times its good to step away for a bit, it really make’s you appreciate thing’s you once took for granted..
My mission at is to keep the content fresh daily with a mix of local coverage as well as world wide feeds, product reviews and have since added Facebook integration to the site.
Ride Boarz and Prosper

~ Pricemo

P.S. A big thanks to my Family, Friend’s and the Church’s for all the support since moving back!

Steve Price

Ready for a surf!

Early 80's Slab ramp.

Early 80's Slab ramp, slob grab.

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