Nov 062011


I think the title sums this up well.. Kelly needed a win, he drew a 17 and a 19 year old both whom are air masters. Miguel Pupo 19 of his fresh win at the CWC along with other fellow Brazilian airmaster Gabriel Medina 17. Both up and comers put on a good show, but at the end it was all Kelly…

Slater’s wave in after the heat he got a 6 second barrel. He just disappeared, camera man stops filming, and a few seconds later the crowd freak out as Kelly emerges from the depths..

Big congrats to Kelly!

Sep 142011

Just some amazing last day footage from the Quicksilver Pro New York.

Video courtesy ASPWorldTour on Youtube.

Sep 092011

Owen Wright takes out the legendary Kelly Slater and claims surfing’s largest purse to date $300.000. Owen, 21 from Australia was just killing it scoring a 9.8 in a round 3 heat and was just on fire..
There was a lot of chat about this being a not so desirable location. After watching the feeds and video’s I have to say huge success and some if not the most amazing aerial display’s ever seen.
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Sep 082011

Hurricane Katia is producing some 2-4 foot surf for the ASP Quiksilver Pro New York. There have been many mind-blowing aerial displays,  Josh Kerr scored a 9.5 round 1 with this lofty air-reverse.



Round 2 he drew Kelly Slater and Jadson Andre  Kerr was just un-stopable scoring a 9.7 in the clip below. Just a mind-blowing performance!!
More to come over the weekend!




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