Jan 232014

Big waves are in the surf forecast and they have called the Mavericks Surf contest on for Friday Jan 24th. Good luck to all the contestants; looks to be the largest surf we have seen this season yet with up to 30 foot surf on tap. Read some media hyping 60 feet, but my data shows something more like 4 meters @ 19 sec. That indicates big but not 60 feet. The rest of the exposed coast lines will see plenty of 12 to 15  foot Westerly surf; too much for many spots but some secret zones may have there day as well. Santa Cruz will see a lot of this W swell with head to double over-head surf; bigger at select spots. The swell drops a little but still pumping on Saturday but then a new W swell comes in Sunday that is just a little smaller than the 1st peaking out at 18 foot at exposed areas and 5-10 foot in Santa Cruz.  A third West swell arrives Tuesday and then the trend goes smaller.

Pleasure Point Jan 19, 2013

Jan 232013

Saturday was an epic day of surf and sun. The entire 3 day weekend was special and had everybody out along the coast enjoying themselves. Saturday January 19th the swells started with a 28 second period and stayed solid at  23-20 second period for 24 hours, that only happens every 5 years or so. The swell size in the data was only forecast to be 2.8 meters (8.4ft), but the frequency was so far apart the entire coast experienced extra powerful very fast moving waves ranging from 6-12 feet.

The Hook Jan 19, 2012

Overlay perfect Santa Cruz indian winter with 70 degree weather and no wind.

Sharks Cove Jan 19, 2012

Great weekend for local hero Pete Mel to win the Mavericks Invitational in perfect 15-20 foot surf on Sunday Jan 19th. Congrats Pete!


38th ave Jan 19, 2013Plus the 49ers on the way to Superbowl; good weekend indeed!


Jan 172013

Surf will continue to be on the small scale with flat to knee high surf in Santa Cruz and 2-4 foot waves at exposed beaches like OB San Francisco through Friday.  A new SUPER long period W swell will start to arrive on Saturday. Not on the huge scale but the swell will begin with 28-25 second intervals with the waves moving very very fast. Santa Cruz will see head to well over-head high surf; the long period will make the East side look like J-Bay with bigger waves at the Hook than the top of the Point. Exposed beaches will have be in the 8-12 foot range. Mavericks should see 15-25 foot surf with lots of W in the swell and the long period will make it very very fast and hollow, but the Mavericks contest is scheduled to be on for Sunday. Not sure why they did not make the call for Saturday, but should still be exciting. Go big!

28 sec period swell Jan 19 2013


The Hook Jan 19 2013


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