Apr 232012

In January of 2012, Pleasure Point in Santa Cruz had epic amounts of sand on the reed and on the beach. This winter was very mild with no storms and lack of wind. This just one of many super fun days with small tapering lines working across the sandbar. In this video shot with my GoPro, I get a lot of off the lips, head dips, 360s, and long rides to the beach. After the longer rides I would run back up the high tide beach and do it all over again and again!
Will’s Video Blog
Jan 13, 2012
Filmed and Edited by
Will Church
Music by Will Church
Song Title: Power Outragious

Apr 042012

3rd post to my surfing video blog. Will Church surfing 1st Peak Pleasure Point on Oct 10, 2011. The camera was mounted at a lower angle so you can see the board more, but the view cuts off Kyle Buthman and Eric Case when I tried to do some follow footage. I get some head dips, cut-backs, and some of my patented 360s.

Apr 032012

Will Church here. This is my second post to my personal video blog; this one from Sept 27, 2011. Again at Pleasure Point; my favorite surf zone. Started at Sewer Peak and worked my way down to 1st Peak. I got a few head dips, a couple off the lips and some 360s. Tried a couple of 360 chop hops but could not complete, but was fun trying!

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