Sep 102011

Hey all,

It has been a amazing life I have been granted. I started out as a grom at insides working my way up to second peak, then first peak and beyond… Kids my age did not surf Sewer Peak, or Pangies for that matter but I just said why not…. I got hassled and experienced many verbal displays, but that is what’s required to gain the respect and get your slot in the line up. After many comments, burns etc. I did earn my place in the line up.
I started competing in the WSA, I can still remember my first contest, Danny Roman’s Mom drove us both over to the Lane for it. Was a great time and did pretty good. I kept up with the WSA for a few years and after winning one of the Team Yeah Now No Cord Classic’s that was stocked with prize money/prizes I went Pro. I had a decent run, but found my niche with doing Aerials. Only a handful of people ever did them at that day and age. I always wondered why not, people do them skating in pool’s, why not surfing? That is when my Surfing Carrier took off. I started working with Chris Kloph, Tony Roberts, Robert Beck, Steve Spalding and other photographers/cinematographer’s. I did score some magazine photo’s that lead up to a lot of traveling and a lot more contest’s. After year’s of this, day in day out it became old, and hard to believe just not really fun anymore.
I took a 15 year Hiatus from Surfing, and was on Snowboard/Powder Patrol.. I moved up to Truckee, Ca. and rode Squaw Valley and Alpine Meadows for quite a few years.. Can still ride the lines at those mountains today with my eyes closed.. With the snowboarding thing out of my system, missing Family and Friends I decided to move back to Santa Cruz.
Reflection ~ I left Santa Cruz not happy with the place I lived. I moved to do something I loved and got my fill. Over the years away grew a new love for Santa Cruz and since moving back am just loving it here! Some times its good to step away for a bit, it really make’s you appreciate thing’s you once took for granted..
My mission at is to keep the content fresh daily with a mix of local coverage as well as world wide feeds, product reviews and have since added Facebook integration to the site.
Ride Boarz and Prosper

~ Pricemo

P.S. A big thanks to my Family, Friend’s and the Church’s for all the support since moving back!

Steve Price

Ready for a surf!

Early 80's Slab ramp.

Early 80's Slab ramp, slob grab.

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