Aug 112012

The Fourth Annual Boardroom Skate Contest was held at the Capitola Mall on July 20, 2012. The weather was warm for the skaters as the put on their best tricks in a one minute individual run and then mixed it up in the jam session.
The contest raised money for the Capitola Skate Park and a small percent went toward a skate park in Uganda that the Boardroom adopted.
Alex Valverde, Binh Doan and Chasen Christenson took top honors in the JR division.
Thanks to the TC, all the staff, the participants, and the sponsors that included Nike, Volcom, Globe, NHS Inc. and Red Bull.
Music by Bray Mo
Song Title: Never Broke
Creative Commons License:

Jun 242012

Shawn Persel FS Grind Tennis Club Pool Incline Village

Shawn Persel FS Grind Tennis Club Pool Incline Village

June 1999 – This was a tricky pool with a lot of vertical and not much transition.

Don’t go looking for this pool; it is no longer there as they bulldozed it not long after this photo. Then new buildings and a parking lots were built there. The good news it that the Incline Skate Park was built not far away from this location.

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