May 252015

The weather has been a broken record lately with cool temperatures and gusty afternoon WNW winds. Inconsistent SSW swell and WNW wind swell energy will continue to provide most of the surf as WNW swells wane in the forecast period. There will be some fresh SW swell mid-week, but will be inconsistent in town. There are more options to be found North and South along our coast line that see the WNW wind swell activity.


Feb 052015

Central California Weather has been good to epic, so some needed rain is nice to have in the weather forecast. The train of W and WNW swells will continue and Peak a bit on Monday. Wave energy will wane through the mid-week, but still enough surf to provide fun chest high waves in Santa Cruz and head high at exposed beaches.

Steamer Lane November 28, 2014

Jan 032015

The current trend of small surf and cold fair weather will continue. Santa Cruz will remain mostly flat with some possible ridables waves at the lower tides. There are some small but fun waves to be found along the SF Ocean Beach regions and other exposed coasts. The forecast calls for a small improvement by the middle of next week with chest high waves in town and possible over head waves at exposed regions.

Ventura - C Street December 2014

Nov 242014

Combinations of fun size WNW and W swells will keep the surf in the knee to chest high range through the week in Santa Cruz. More exposed beaches and reefs have been providing fun waves with these milder sized WNW swells and can be the best bet through this week. The next bigger swell is on the calendar for Monday Friday with well over head waves at exposed beaches and head high waves in Santa Cruz.
The Hook Sept 1, 2011

Nov 162014

 There will still be some small waves in Santa Cruz for the next few days and good conditions can be found at exposed beaches like Ocean Beach SF. A new WNW swell will start showing late Tuesday and peak into Wednesday next week with up to head high waves in town and well over head at exposed regions. Surf will remain fun as that swell drops off through Saturday. A larger swell is forecast for the last half of next weekend with double over-head surf at the beaches with WNW exposure and over-head surf for Santa Cruz by Sunday.

River Mouth in a Strange Spot

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